It's Frey!

Hi i'm Frey a disabled artist and vtuber that lingers somewhere on the EST Timezone.
Website is a big WIP!
Visit my ko-fi for my shop, sticker club or to leave a tip


This section is a big WIP so sorry!

Table Setups

Table setups from conventions I've attended!


Not fanart or commercial work! Just stuff for me!!!

2D Vtuber

Price TBD but won't include rigging!

Fursona Badges

Prices do not include shipping !
If you’d like your badge printed and shipped to you please let me know :)
Flat color Badges start at $100 USD
Rendered/Shaded Badges start at $150 USD


Hii I'm Frey! a Hey/Them on the internet that likes to draw what sparks joy! I love being able to push my art style with my art and just drawing what sparks joy! I am a disabled interracial silly guy just here for a good time! I will make this section pretty one day i PROMISE!


-You are more than welcome than to use my commission work for icons/reference art/Promo etc however you must credit me for my work! If using commercially for merchandise please contact me first
as my pricing does not include commercial use
-I am comfortable with drawing animals, human, furry and fantasy art, please do not commission me for NSFW or send me a ref sheet with NSFW in it unprompted. I will draw suggestive/revealing clothing but that is the extent of my work in that field.
-For complex or detailed characters there may be an upcharge fee for additional time rendering/shading which we will discuss before payment.
-Please keep in mind I may have delays due to my physical disability. If this is the case I will let my commissioner know. in the event I am not comfortable in completing your commission I will refund you and I have the right to refund a commission for any reason.
-I will not start completing your piece until a rough sketch is approved, until that point if you request a refund I have the right to resell your sketch and pose but not your character. After the sketch approval a full refund will not be available.
- Unless requested I will be streaming your work! If no streaming of it is ok please let me know but understand it make take a bit longer to complete off stream.
Please understand that I will be signing/watermarking my artwork and credit is always needed when using my artwork :) If you harrass me as well you will be refunded minus the cost of the sketch and I will recycle what I can for a ych
-Rush fees for a set deadline may have a 20% rush fee if it means putting your work above other clients for faster completion