Hi i'm Frey a disabled artist and vtuber that lingers somewhere on the EST Timezone.Website is a big WIP!
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-You are more than welcome than to use my commission work for icons/reference art/Promo etc however you must credit me for my work! If using commercially for merchandise please contact me first-I am comfortable with drawing animals, human, furry and fantasy art, please do not commission me for NSFW or send me a ref sheet with NSFW in it. I will draw suggestive/revealing clothing but that is the extent of my work in that field.-For complex or detailed characters there may be an upcharge fee for additional time rendering/shading which we will discuss before payment, Additional characters for a piece are 1/2 the price of the original price for the first character.-Please keep in mind it may take up to a month to complete your piece due to my physical disability, If i don't feel comfortable in completing your piece I will refund you.-I will not start completing your piece until a rough sketch is approved, until that point if you request a refund I have the right to resell your sketch and pose but not your character. After the sketch approval a full refund will not be available or tolerated.- Unless requested I will be streaming your work! If no streaming of it is ok please let me know but understand it make take a bit longer to complete off stream.Please understand that I will be signing/watermarking my artwork and credit is always needed when using my artwork :) If you harrass me as well you will be refunded minus the cost of the sketch and I will recycle what I can for a ych

How to commission

Please send an e-mail to
[email protected]
Alternatively you can reach out on my Discord or Twitter to request a commission!



25 USD
Detailed "painted" rendering +15


65 USD
Detailed "painted" rendering +15


Experimental warmups! quality will vary
25 USD


35 USD
Painterly rendering + 20

Vtuber Model

Starting 150 USD
3 expressions
2-3 month turnaround time
Art Only rigging NOT included
Chibi Only ATM
Includes Commerical rights
additional expressions 10 USD each